Saturday, May 22, 2010

For Sale

I don't often see a house in Calgary that looks like anything I could move right into and not want to change too much.  Usually decor here heavily favors prairie neutrals and "showhome" bland semi-modern furnishings and decor.  For those wheeling and dealing in the higher end of the market I do see renovated properties that are more minimalist, modern or heavily traditional than I would ever choose, and missing from Calgary's repertoire seems to be anything that falls in the boho/eclectic/modern country/farmhouse/beachhouse/granny chic styles that I love.   That's not to say they don't exist... they are just NEVER for sale.

I was completely surprised by this property today as I was perusing, for fun (read: killing time at work), hot listings for sale in Calgary these days.  This newly renovated little number totally caught my eye and stood out among the hundreds of other beige and boring homes for sale. There are definitely things I don't love about it (its overly staged facade for example) but plenty of things I do. Like for instance, I do adore the white kitchen w/ butcher block countertops, herringbone tiled floor that looks eerily similar to what we just installed in our bathroom, white paneling and beadboard wainscoting throughout, mainfloor laundry, and its charming curbside presence.

Too bad we're not actually in the market or I'd be seriously tempted by this one.


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  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Great choice! And I like your very logical reasons why.
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