Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flowering Branches Inside

You know when you buy something that catches your eye, but then you bring it home and it kind of sits around and never really finds a home or fills a use?  I purchased a heavy blue vase a couple years ago that has since sat in my living room, half-heartedly holding some Chinese paper umbrellas, or even empty but has never really found a proper place in our home.  It’s size was always too awkward for most things I wanted it for… too big or too small, never quite right.  I thought about getting rid of it at a recent garage sale we had, except for that I actually quite like it, and was holding out hope that one day inspiration would hit, and I'd figure out what to do with it.

Well today was that day!

I did a little pruning off the poor old apple tree in our yard, and not wanting to discard the gorgeous flowering branches I had trimmed (yes not exactly the right time to be pruning... I know!), I remembered my old blue vase sitting forlornly in a corner of the living room. 

It was exactly the perfect container for the heavy, blossom-laden branches, and I have to say it looks quite stunning in my house.   To me, there is hardly a thing more beautiful than a flowering tree, and so to have this lovely bouquet in my home, with its sweet fragrance and tender blooms is like spring on the inside too.

                                  Blossoms on the tree                

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